Friday, August 11, 2006

August in Virginia!

Welcome to the Macks, Barbara and George! First, of hopefully many, visits to the "Shore"! And of course the lovely newlyweds - Kendra and Michael!

The Blenheim Welcoming Committee

First names only - Norman, Ginger, Nancy, and Dan - what a welcome!!!

Assateague Beach, August 9, 2006

Mom and Dad enjoying the sun and lovely ocean breezes - and 80 degree water too!

Scenes from VA

A hard working lattice guy!
A gorgeous sunrise!
And 2 alert hounddogs!

Our 37th Anniversary!

August 9, 2006
An excellent dinner at Mariah's.

Mariah's at Tower Hill

Lovely place for dinner!

What a terrific table!

Erin, Jeff, Mary Ann, Mark and the very newlyweds Kendra and Michael enjoy the reception!
The lovely Mary Ann Ramos with her fiancee, the handsome Mark William Bender and the beautiful Erin Lawrence with her sweetie, the debonair Jeffrey Ryan Bender.

A Trolley ride back to the Hotel Alcott.

Michael and Kendra enjoy the trolley ride back to the hotel and the reception. The weather finally cooperated after a rainy day. The sun shone and all was beautiful on Cape May beach for the very special occasion!

Kendra and Michael's Wedding!

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jon Bender
June 24, 2006
Cape May NJ

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

An Easter Trip to St. Pete, April 13-17, 2006

Hello and goodbye to Miss Manatee in Tampa Airport!

Grandma and Dad:-)

So nice to walk in water that is 77 degrees already!


Handsome Dad, Easter afternoon, Madeira Beach!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Welcome to some views of March on the Shore!

The tractor - ready to do some work!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The story of the new prop!

Here's the new addition of the Grady White - a stainless steel prop - and the reason we need one is...

The PROP story

Well - something really bad messed up the prop on the Grady White the day Mike, Mark and Dad were taking the boat out of the water this past December. A month or so later, on a pretty warm January day Dad was walking in the water checking for large bad objects. The bottle he found couldn't have done it so he continued the quest. A ROCK was found! Might have been it, or maybe not but the rock was disposed of promptly!

Feb. 11-12, 2006 Snow!

Thought we were done for the year but...6" turned into a foot or more! Dad and Mr. Schmitt shovel it out! Mr. Schmitt is winning!

Poor "Kathy Ann" needs skis today! Soon Spring!!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy News and Holidays back in the USA!

A toast to the newly engaged couple (12-22-05 at the top of the Sear's Tower, Chicago IL)!!!!
Congratulations Mark and Mary Ann!
Mimi and her grand-daughters-to-be! Kendra (and Michael), Stacy (and Brian), Mary Ann (and Mark). Check out all that bling!

Scary guy from Chicago -'s just Mark in disguise! Heading out to Pungoteague Creek!

Presents from the "Commish" - We are the Pungoteague Football League! Thanks Mike!

The Chef!

Cute little Dudley and his new biscuit bowl - it's bigger and it's mine!

Kendra tames the "beast" - Clancy in his usual form!

...and here are the lovely ladies - they sure look cuter than those guys! Kendra and Mary Ann enjoying Christmas lights with those funky glasses:-)

The Brother's Bender - Christmas Eve 05

Hard to believe that these 2 handsome chaps have fiancees!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Got some updates!

The digital camera is back and taking pix but being stubborn about downloading them so for now here is what I have...look for more when I figure things out again!!! :-)

Street Fair

Another hightlight of our Chicago trip was the Street Fair with lots of great food! Walking distance from the condo too!
You sure can enjoy a game better when you have FRONT ROW SEATS! Yahoo!

Bears Ravens game!

It was cold and rainy and we lost least the lead singer of Styx gave me the thumbs up!

Cookers and Eaters

Super kitchen and super cook! We had an awesome dinner on our arrival - Chicken and Plantains - Yum- great cookin' Mary Ann! We kept on eating well the entire weekend too!

Happy on Halsted!

We're standing in front of Casa Bender-Ramos on a beautiful Chicago Day! Walked to a great place for breakfast - White Tower (I think) then got ready for the Penn State - Illinois game - which was a bit overshadowed by the first game of the World Series - which the White Sox won!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Hounds of Pungoteague Creek

Pungoteague Creek

To the right is the base of the Pungoteague Lighthouse that only lasted about 14 months!
Ye old VA homestead - the grass is cut - ahhhh!

The wedding pavilion

This may be it! The place where the event will occur - too bad you can't see the Cape May lighthouse in the background - gorgeous!